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A magnetic force microscope (MFM) with integrated 3D magnetic field generator module

We thank the TUM Insitute for Advanced Study for funding the MFM instrument within the Start-up Support Nanomagnetic Computing.

A variable field module in closed loop operation, generating both pulsed and constant 3D vector fields in the scanning range of a magnetic force microscope (MFM) for characteriza- tion of nanomagnetic logic devices (NML) was developed at LTE. In the setup, the sample is positioned above the air gap at which the generated field vector is homogeneous in the AFM scanning area of 100 µm · 100 µm. Stray-field sensing at the pole pieces enables closed loop opera- tion for all three field-axes guaranteeing settling times < 20 ms over the full amplitude range of ± 1000 Oe (pulsed mode) and ± 400 Oe (constant-mode). The compact design (height = 47 mm) fits without modification below the tip scanning unit of the microscope and hence is viable for commercially available tip-scanners.

[MFM cross-section]

Figure 1) Cross-section of the MFM field-module as implemented in a commercial MFM microscope.

[MFM with integrated fiel module]

Figure 2) Field-generator module and sample mount as implemented into the Bruker AXS Dimension Icon tip-scanner.

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